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Sean Phelps D.C.

A nurse and a chiropractors story.

We are here to help you and your family,  working from a residential  studio in Highbury, Cosham.  My name is Lauren Phelps and I am suporting my husband in clinic when I am not working as a nurse in Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

We have created a bright, peaceful and healing space for you to maximize your health potential.

Sean remembers highbury when he stayed here as a child every school holiday. He remembers the 1977 street party celebrations in Highbury and his family have lived In Highbury since 1970.

He graduated with a masters degree in chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic , Bournemouth in 2011.

Sean Says, "My favourite childhood film is Stars Wars.
Star Wars (directed by George Lucas)  was credited to mythologist Joseph Campbell who suggests that each and every single one of us, is on a "hero's journey", each with the potential to be a Mother Teresa or Joan of Arc or even a Luke Skywalker or Nelson Mandela.

Navigating my own hero's journey has taken me to work in some interesting places around Europe, including Netherlands/ Holland, Glasgow/ Scotland, Harley Street London, & Sandbanks Yacht Company, Poole, U.K.

I was introduced to chiropractic when I experienced a very painfull  period during my younger years and my interest in extreme sports and peddle to the metal lifestyle in the 1990s. I had an intertest in bodywork there afterwards. "

We are blessed if we can Lift weight or even heavy weights but Injuries are part of parcel life. Even just sitting  can mess our bodies up! I needed to find someone to help with my messed up body from my BMX cycling, skateboarding etc.. so, I have not just done a masters degree in pain academically,   Proper movement of your spine is a must for one to be strong. The spinal cord sends vital messages to your muscles and can enhance strength or weakness.

My specialized interests include maintaining wellbeing with evidence based medicine. I prefer nutrition in the form of natural food and study developments in functional integrative medicine. 

I love the recent neuro-science and the brain psychology discoveries and how we can address faulty movement and strength deficits.

80% of the cells that make up your immune system;
— from the white blood cells hiding under your tonsils to those in your small intestine's lymphatic tissue — Are housed in your GUT!
which is why maintaining the integrity of the gut is critical to supporting immune system health.⁣⁠

⁣⁠Here are some that we love;
-Sauerkraut ⁠

Probiotics also possess the capacity to help support healthy immune system function and more.⁣⁠

To learn more about the gut–immune system connection and get a full breakdown of how to optimize your digestion to help improve your immune system health, join our newsletter or give me a call to discuss your health!

I can help you with acute pain and if need be for just short term symptomatic relief.  For the past 20 years, I have been working with people including strength training and sports specific treatment.

We are generous with time and offer varied time appointments for different cases. A first visit voucher to clients for a health appraisal leads to a full assessment of your posture and lifestyle. We work with other health professionals including general Practitioners to restore your health. Sessions tend not to go much after an hour and usually are about half an hour."


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Your Body-Mind is Programmed for Health

D.D. Palmer in 1895 restored the hearing of a janitor.  He assessed and 'adjusted' a spinal joint and this was the beginning of the profession 'Chiropractic".

The original philosophy of chiropractic became that "a misaligned spinal joint" causes nerve interference resulting in this chaps movement being reduced but also his general sense of motion in space (Proprioception).

Proprioception is mediated by the neurons in the brain that initiates the movements of the whole Musculoskeletal System. Chiro ("Hand") + Practic (from ancient greek, concerned with action.

The first Chiropractic school was formed in Davenport, IOWA, USA in 1897.

2020 Study shows forward head posture affects brain.

Does the posture of a human affect pain?

This question has been on my mind for a few years after working with the British Olympic team and seeing the results from their poor posture and treating them and comparing again. This study looked at the health and well-being of subjects and reported effects including reduced afferent nerve initiation.  Slowing down responses to movements can be detrimental to ones performance with eg; simple tasks like cooking in the kitchen to more physically challenging activities like climbing a hill and perhaps crossing busy roads. The study also saw effects on the autonomic Nervous system, (ANS), which controls the whole body.
This is quite important as the part of the (ANS) that regulates rest and digest also regulates  the opposite like Running from danger!

My main concern is that with all the activity going on in this wild world, this response is another stressor topping already the 'enough is enough' era that we find ourselves in today. Common causes of joint and back pain are various including Poor Posture.

We have a many studies to complement the informed practise of our care and are happy to share them with you for your specific case.