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 Your Body was designed to be healthy

Ongoing research is showing a strong association that human beings have a tendency to fall forward when their bodies begin to fail. This likely fundamental human weakness in posture can be understood when you imagine an elderly person’s head and body falling backwards with a resultant posture that looks up and is tilted backwards.  This just doesn’t happen. Posture like health has been thought also to be related to age. Interestingly, if you take a look at young people today, and modern models they are looking different to the previous generations. Shoulders are often seen to be rounded and heads forwards resembling turtle posture.

After 7 years, seeing over 2000 patients and sometimes following unsuccessful surgery, I can report that using postural therapy, can change shape, strength and function and even on some of the most complicated ‘live with it’ cases.

The mechanism for these postural distortions can begin as  early as childhood, falling down the stairs or over looked trauma from your birth process. This is seen as simply as asymmetry on a human body and most often observed eg;  in the shoulders. Looking at the above image, to the far right,  the shoulders are seen as backwards in comparison to the before images were taken, to the far left. To understand the mechanism in terms of structural anatomy please go to the homepage and see below the clip on why muscles hurt.


Correcting what your body cannot Self-Correct

The human body can not self-correct the forward posture, and with consideration to the spine being the furthest point on the back of the body, the body in compensation, settles after an injury, and at the level the spine compensates for this by falling forward. The pith of this mechanical ‘anomaly’ and thus breakdown of posture is that the human frame cannot self-correct the forward displacement of the vertebrae, from this type injury, as there are no muscles pulling in the direction needed to correct it!

However, the body is a partially self-correcting organism, this is the answer to why bodies twist and look to be one-sided dominant and stronger. This anomaly is corrected using Advanced Biostructural Correction (TM).

If you would like to understand more the bone out of place -body falling forward mechanics,  then please watch this short anatomy clip at the foot of the page, why my muscles hurt-


let’s now look at the head and neck that fall forward on a body. Imagine that you are holding a medicine ball, the average human head weights 5 kgs. How much heavier would it seem or how much more strain would it be to hold, if you held it with your arm outstretched in front of you, compared to close to your chest? Your arm would feel the weight more and be trembling or at least more strain?

Similarly, as the head moves forward beyond it’s center of balance as happens with postural distortions, it can have deleterious effects from continuous strain on discs, muscles, tendons and ligaments, but more importantly stretch and/or pinching of the nerves.

From Headaches to pins and needles

Tension headaches, pain or muscular tension in the neck, upper back or shoulders, or numbness or tingling down the arm could and often do develop as a consequence of this postural distortion.

Other functional examples include decreased efficiency of the lungs in people whose structural shifts result in rounded shoulders and a ‘caved-in’ chest, or low back disc symptoms (Pinched/ tethered nerves affecting the legs). Structural shifts resulting in a weak protruding abdomen and a tense, compressed low back is another very common one seen in practise


If you are experiencing digestion and energy symptoms an assessment of nutritional risk factors associated with development of a disease may be a good idea.  The purpose of seeing your GP or visiting the hospital is to rule out the ‘Red Flags’. They will measure substances with important biological function e.g. Glucose, Calcium etc. However, if you are not satisfied with their examinations, it may be useful to consider another opinion to measure health risk profiles using current science available to the private health seeker.  For example; Deficiencies of magnesium and Zinc are commonly seen and relevant in health and risk of disease, and not measured as standard.

Furthermore, for example a deficiency in essential fatty acids is also not measured by your GP or available on the NHS, a deficiency leads one to oxidative stress and free radical damage to the body.

This damage leads to chronic disease seen commonly today.

Laboratory test results from blood, saliva or hair can be taken at our office that can measure vitamin, mineral levels, toxic metals, other biochemical levels that are related to the availability of vitamins, and other nutrients relevant for optimal health. Alternatively, you can attend our laboratory in London that has a reputation for being the best in Europe and second best in the world.


Our culture accepts readily that working out physically, training our bodies requires physical stress. Instead of dusting off our training shoes , or hitting the gym as such, what if we instead made a decision to investigate our emotional lives as well?

My personal development in this area led me to profound break-throughs. My environment has gone from over-whemingly stressful, barely managing to a new view of rich opportunities.

Breakthroughs: Finding stability in times of turbulence

“People are becoming more aware of their ‘Life’ experience. When my mother passed away, this created an opening for me to investigate my emotional health.

I found that when I turned inside, became willing to entertain the possibilty that things were different than I thought they were, over time I began to dramatically expand the range of ‘possibilities’ to me.

It is my belief that today for one to move forward with their dreams, one must have an ability to shift a perspective. When the wheel is stuck, you need to move it!  However,  what if you could move out of your familiar zone into a different experience that will be fresh and move into new challenging territory that is rich in breakthroughs.

Are you ready to discover less stress and another point of view?

In my opinion what often limits us in the beginning and keeps us from ‘realizing’ our highest potentials is just not being able to imagine that we can do something different. It is not a lack of will, strength, intelligence or desire but imagination that is required.
If you are able to just imagine that you have the ability to see through a bigger lens, this could be the right time.. So this area is what I am deeply interested in and my services help people that have the imagination and the attention to grow and experience freedom.  It is not only heard-wired into our brains, but our culture and media etc, are feeding the habit of mind, that is to assume that we have problems, and by doing so we have become very attached to the feeling of always having a problem. Some researchers call this a negative bias, (2:1). Maybe this is only a subtle sense in the background for you or perhaps a more intense feeling, often or on a moment to moment basis during your daily life, or an angst.  You may actually have a problem or have problems,  but if you can just stay with this, we can use this recognition, and possibly contemplate something different.

Mental states and moods are in fact not fixed, in fact most moods don’t last longer than five or ten minutes. When moods last longer it is because we inject into them with a narrative and story including the past and future. One area I have a taste for is offering help to bring awareness to the mental state of the mind on a moment to moments basis.

Turning your Pain into an opportunity

Making a shift can be the difference between turning your pain into an opportunity or being en-slaved by it. If one is open to changing their relationship to certainty at least at the start, then we can re-frame these so called problems, and over time develop a more helpful habit of not having a problem. Our beliefs and assumptions lead us to experience our realty in a certain way. Your reality is being shaped by your ideas in your reality.


Have you wondered what would happen if you found out that what you thought to be your reality and the purpose of life actually turned out to be different from what it actually is?

How would you feel about a different experience? How willing are you to have all that change? Often people would like to know how much change is required  to do this. We often want assurance of what parts we could change. To honestly change, there is a need to ‘let go’ to change. The truth sets you free!

There are strategies to use with regard to relaxing into the truth of your reality. You may have a view that things are like this and you feel that they are always going to be this way. If this information resonates and you are interested in a new perspective including working on your mind, body, spirit and shadow with a scientific and reliable solution for your health, then please get in touch or sign up for the newsletter!

Small efforts, if concrete, will pile up and bring about big personal, and even social, change.


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